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LanDforms’ often funny, sometimes tragic, always unusual performances explore the absurdities of human relationships, nostalgia, and the intersections of power, control, and love. Crosby was born in upstate New York to artist parents; Doell went to 13 years of Catholic school in the Midwest. Their early socialization around what is “normal” regarding gender, power, sex, and identity was, to put it simply, different.

As LanDforms, they examine how their disparate histories build their present and future expressive bodies.

Crosby and Doell eyed each other at Ohio University for a while, had the same job/life for a while, and now (proudly) make work in Seattle, WA. Their work has been performed at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, The Yard, Built On Stilts Dance Festival, the Oak Bluffs Public Library, St. Bonaventure University, Alfred University, On the Boards, Base, Flight Deck 2018, and Crojik’s Croft.

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Danielle Evelena Doell is a Seattle-based dance and performance artist, choreographer, and floral designer. She graduated from Ohio University in 2014 with a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography. Following graduation, Danielle had the pleasure of working for several prominent dance-presenting organizations such as Gibney Dance Center, New York Live Arts, the Dublin International Dance Festival (IR), and The Yard. Doell contributes much of her creative growth and professional development to her time at The Yard, where she began as an intern in 2014 and was later promoted to Artist Educator in 2015. She lived on Martha’s Vineyard for two years working to pilot and build the Making It initiative, a program that promotes kinesthetic alternatives to traditional pedagogical methods. During her time at The Yard, Danielle was lucky enough to work side-by-side with former classmate, Leah Crosby. Together, the two founded LanDforms, their creative partnership. Since 2016, their work has been performed across the country. After a year apart on opposite coasts, the two now proudly call themselves a Seattle-based company. Separately, Danielle performs as a freelance artist and also dances for Hypernova Dance/Rainbow Fletcher, General Magic/Jessica Jobaris, and the Pat Graney Dance Company.

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Leah Crosby (BFA, CYT) graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College and is certified to practice the sacred art of Thai Massage by the Thai Royal Ministry of Education through the Thai Massage School of Chang Mai.

After spending 3+ years on Martha's Vineyard teaching creative dance to islanders of all ages (literally) as part of The Yard's MAKING IT initiative, Leah is excited to join the Seattle dance community.

While at The Yard, Leah had the pleasure of performing with and teaching alongside Stefanie Batten Bland, The Bang Group, Deborah Damast, DanceTheYard, H.T. Chen & Dancers and others. Other performance credits include Bread & Puppet Theater, What’s Written Within, and regular collaborations with Abby Bender/Shmantze Theater.

Leah plays highly distorted violin, an antique melodica, and wails the soprano notes in several musical projects. Other talents include champion speed-knitting, a wildly double-jointed left thumb, and petting cats.