Make My Own Machine Work

make my own machine work

"Make My Own Machine Work" is a confession on roller skates. A solo developed by Danielle Doell as part of NEFA-funded research, this piece searches for god, love, and redemption through pop music and roller skates.

"MMOMW" was presented as a work-in-progress at ImpulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival in August 2017. "MMOMW" premiered at The Yard in September 2018 and has been presented at the 1st rendition of 12 Minutes Max at Base: Experimental Arts Space in Seattle, WA (a program curated by On The Boards and Glen Kawasaki). 

Make My Own Machine Work was a fantastic display of inner struggle with the concepts of god, a yearning for meaning, a working toward self-reliance, and the discovery of wonder. It was utterly entrancing and fresh.” Richael Best, Seattle Dances

Photos by Sally Cohn courtesy of The Yard