The Life in Plastic

Photos by Sally Cohn courtesy of The Yard

The Yard, 2017

In "The Life in Plastic," a site-adaptive outdoor work, two real-life Barbie Dolls introduce you to all of their friends! Using 48 knock-off fashion dolls, 24 feet of cling-wrap, and a cordless electric drill, "The Life in Plastic" starts fantastic, ends in sacrifice.

"The Life in Plastic" was in residency at Crojik's Croft June 18-24, 2018. Preliminary research took place at the Emmet County Transfer Station in Horton Bay, Michigan for later performances to take place in Seattle, WA for Fall 2018. 

Additionally, Danielle Doell was awarded a Flight Deck residency at Open Flight Studio in Seattle for Summer 2018. There she continued research on “The Life in Plastic” with six Seattle-based performers and dancers.

Collaborations and research will continue into 2019!

Video Link to “The Life in Plastic” premiere at The Yard here.

Video Link to research at Emmet County Transfer Station here.